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We’ve all been there. You run through a final mental checklist before you rush out of the house to head to the airport, hoping traffic doesn’t ruin your vacation plans. You arrive at the airport in the nick of time, smash the backs of your shoes putting them back on because you don’t have time to sit down and put them on properly, and make a beeline for your gate. 

You stop to use the restroom so you won’t have to do it on the plane, and while you’re debating whether or not you have time to stop and grab a quick bite before boarding, you walk past a boutique and your heart sinks. There’s a display right out front filled with travel pillows and you realize you forgot yours. 

You’re faced with a frustrating decision. Do you grab some food and try to tough it out on your flight sans pillow? Or do you stop and buy a garbage travel pillow that just might be more annoying than it is comfortable? You’ve only got time for one stop, so you decide you can stomach the airplane food because even if it’s bad, with a travel pillow you’ll at least be able to get some sleep after a disappointing meal.

You board the plane and eat half of your half-decent meal before deciding to cuddle up with your new neck pillow for some long overdue R&R. You wrap that puppy around your neck, and within 4 seconds you realize you should have chosen to see what was behind Door #2 because all your impulse purchase is going to buy you is a trip to the chiropractor. You put it on the floor and bear down for a long, restless flight, swearing to yourself that you’ll find a perfect travel pillow when you arrive at your destination. 

And you try to find one, but to no avail. All you want is a compact, convenient, comfortable travel pillow that will allow you to actually get some sleep or rest your head on the plane, but it’s nowhere to be found.

Search no more. PADillow is the perfect travel pillow. It’s soft, it’s comfortable, it’s compact, it’s convenient, and it’s foldable. So not only can you use it to get some sleep (in more than one position – positions that won’t result in a pinched nerve), but you can also use it to prop up your phone, tablet, or book. 

Gone are the days of dropping $ on a travel pillow, only to drop it in the trash either at the airport because it’s terribly uncomfortable or at home because it’s terribly manufactured. PADillow is the travel pillow you’ll never leave home without, and you can use it all around the house as well. And with free shipping and returns, finding out if it lives up to the hype is a no-brainer.

The best pillow for stomach sleepers

The wait for the proper solution for sleeping on your stomach is over! It’s difficult to find the best pillow for stomach sleepers. Innovations meeting the struggle have lacked to fill the need. Until now! PADillow is the best pillow for a stomach sleeper, enabling you to have your head more than in the side position. The design allows you to keep your neck and head straight while laying on your stomach. With your head down, your nose and mouth are able to comfortably float, allowing ample space to breath. Using PADillow in this position is also the best massage pillow. Positioning your head and neck straight gives great access for massaging!

What’s all the hype around PADillow?


What Problem does it solve?

A normal pillow fills a very limited role in the household. It doesn’t meet its users total comfort needs in the variety of ways they try to make it work for them. People try to stuff and shape pillows to meet a specific use for their moments need, but all fail to give an easy and effective solution. That’s where PADillow excels! It’s rigid, yet soft structure and unique shape allows fast access to a variety of comfort needs.

What can it do?

PADillow, it’s a pad and a pillow designed and structured to output an enormous amount of comfort solutions. PADillow is the ultimate comfort device that is mainly used in the household. Popular uses with it are: Contouring pillow, Ear relief pillow, Massage pad, Leg pad, Sleep posture, Neck support, Armrest, Drink holder, Laptop pad, and Phone holder. Not only can it be used very simply and effective in all these ways, it also connects together with multiple others of the same device. This allows a user to build shapes or structures to fit their comfort needs.

What’s the consumer benefit?

Consumers benefit massively to have PADillow in multiples laying around their house. With technologies of today and the speed increase of life we all feel, we benefit to have a product that meets our needs today. It always seems to come in handy on a daily basis, benefiting consumers with a plethora of effective ways it can be used. Particularly for the world we live in today and the future to come.

Adding PADillows into a consumer’s household is essential. Picture this…You walk into my house and notice I have no pillows anywhere. You inquire about this and I reply: “Pillows? Why would I have those? They would do no good for me & my household.” … Thoughts of mental health would no doubt pop into your head. They’re essential in every household and that is the same ideology people have with PADillow, it’s a MUST have!

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