Is PADillow a high quality product?

Yes, absolutely! The founder has used the same 2 PADillows almost every day since February 2019. He puts them to hard use. They are still in great condition, great bounce, strong support, no tears, and still amazingly soft.

What the best use for PADillow?

For everything you wish your traditional pillow could do for you!

Does PADillow replace my bed pillow?

PADillow works best for nightly sleeping as a partner to your bed pillow.

●Armrest for side sleepers

●Double armrests for back sleepers

●Leg pillow for side sleepers


Where do you to ship to?

We currently ship within the United States.

What is the cover made from?

The cover is a polyurethane material. Our unique fabric is durable, soft, non-absorbent, easy to clean, and of course, comfortable.

What is in the foam?

Our high-quality foam is made of polyurethane. PADillow 1.0 contains 3 different foam densities and PADillow 2.0 contains 2 different densities to give your perfect comfort.